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Resolve 17: This course remains entirely compatible with Resolve 17 or Fusion Studio 17. The new features in 17 do not have any impact on we do in this class and you can learn about them independently in this tutorial.

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  1. marcushorn

    Davinci Resolve doesnt support full hardware encoding for codec h.264 so you will get performance issue with this codec… it happend to me
    I dont know if hardware encoding is the right definition but you will get performance issues which was the case why i switched to studio

    • Bernd

      Oh, you mean there’s a difference between the encoding for h.264 between the free and the studio version? I remember there used to be something, but wasn’t sure that’s still the case. I hope BMD brings back the comparison overview site between free and Studio version…

      • Harrier2020

        Is there a limitation on what kind of Video format are permitted? I started with your Fusion 9 cousre and I tried importing MOV but didnt work.. Is it the same problem with Fusion Studio 16 or DR16?

        • Bernd

          MOV is only the extension for the Quicktime container format. It depends on what is inside. If you have ProRes or DnXHR encoded it should usually work out of the box. Fusion studio had often some issues with the h.264/h.265 encodings and some other non-editing formats. In Fusion 9 there is an option to install FFMpeg for decoding those formats – see the older tutorial here. I wasn’t able to get this running with Fusion 16 though.
          So when you are using those encodings you might have to transcode externally. DaVinci Resolve can handle those formats though.

  2. gopper0815

    How is it with the payed studio version; for example, when i buy Davinci Resolve Studio 16, i get all updates for this. When V 17 come out, must i bur an new license to this, or is this like a lifetime license?

    • Bernd

      So far, Blackmagicdesign has always allowed upgrades for free and I hope they stick to this policy. But I don’t think you will get that in writing anywhere. I got myself the Fusion Studio Dongle for Fusion 8 and it works with Fusion 9, Fusion 16 and all Resolve Versions since v11 or so and still using the same with Resolve 16 Studio.

      The other way round, the Resolve Studio dongle is only supported in Fusion Studio since v16 and does not work with older Fusion Studio versions. As per my knowledge, the license key version should also grant automatic upgrades for Resolve, but it is not supported in Fusion Studio as of now. That’s why I would typically recommend the Fusion Studio Dongle.

      No guarantee from my side that this statement will remain true for all times to come, just saying how it was for multiple years until now 🙂

  3. Gordon Shumway

    I’ve had the paid version since DRS 14. All of the upgrades within the Version (the incremental) all of v15 and now v16.1.2. It has been described as a lifetime Studio subscription on the forum and website. I would suspect IF there were a change on this any holders of the Studio validation key would be “Grandfathered-In” and any new purchasers would be held to the change of policy.

    • Bernd

      Yes, correct. I have the dongle for Fusion 8, which also runs Fusion 9, Fusion 16 and all recent DaVinci Resolve Studio Versions.

      The other way round: The dongle of DaVinci Resolve Studio should also be supported by Fusion 16, but not any earlier versions of Fusion. Fusion Studio does not support the license key version of Resolve.

    • Bernd

      If it’s h.264 or h.265, that doens’t work very well with Fusion Studio out of the box. You might transcode it e.g., into a DPX or EXR sequence – but even ProRes or DNxHD stuff should work well. If you also use Resolve, you could use VFX connect in Resolve to render out the clips for Fusion Studio. Besides transcoding, you could try to install FFMPEG Codec support in Fusion. I have this working in Fusion 9, but had some problems getting it running in Fusion 17. Not sure, but I think it should still be supported.

    • Xander

      I can personally confirm that the FFMPEG Reactor plugin works in Fusion Studio, however playback is dog slow compared to DaVinci Resolve. I think The alternatives Bernd mentioned are much better options. I’m just leaving this comment here for future viewers.

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