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  1. Craig Wright

    Hi buddy Looking forward to going through your course also. Can you please also include a node conversion chart from Nuke to Fusion if possible as I am an old nuke user. cheers

  2. aknittel

    Terrific. Agree with the overall theory. I started with some fundamental compositing books, but then wished they covered a particular tool to implement the basics.

    On the flip side of that coin, I’ve tried some flashy point examples that I try to bend to my particular scenario with varying degrees of success, and always wind up wishing the fundamentals were explained. In particular, using color theory to achieve masking effects is never explained in detail properly, so I ultimately wind up asking why does it work?

  3. weeliano

    Hello from Singapore! Managed to get this course before the 50% deal expires. : )
    Looks like a very comprehensive course! I am looking forward to what you have in store for tracking as that is my area of expertise and interest.

  4. Gordon Shumway

    Hello Bernd-
    Always a bit slow, in more ways than one. I enjoyed taking your basics course here and considering my previous skill level in Fusion, I did pretty well with your course. It was nice enough to impress the Mrs.. So thank you.


  5. Luis Ribes

    Hi all from Spain!

    I’m afraid I quickly jumped to the lessons without saying hello (too eager to start!). I have to say I’m really pleased so far with the course. The explanations and especially the examples are very comprehensive. Bravo!

  6. KiranCip

    Hi Everyone! Nuke comper here from Italy… loking for the possibility to switch to Fusion as I don’t like the foundry monopoly… hopefully this is a good place to start! Ciao!

  7. olodum111

    Hello Bernd,

    Just finished Vito’s Le Bucks Ring tutorial and now I am ready to jump into yours for more pain (LOL)!!! Can you do Fusion 9 course within Davinci Resolve Fusion? I liked your beginner course and am glad to support your efforts.

    Art Lee

    • Bernd

      Nice – I heard good things about Vito’s stuff as well – although I never took his courses. The Fusion 9 course also starts from scratch. So if you have taken the free course and are now here, some of that course may no longer be needed for your skill level. Generally all the exercises and so on can be done in Resolve as well. The difference is really just the interface between Fusion 9 and Fusion 16/DaVinci Resolve 15/16. So if you are fine with loading/saving/rendering and the general interface usage then you can easily follow the Fusion 9 course as well as any older Fusion tutorials from before the Resolve-Fusion era.

  8. Steve Atkinson

    Hi Bernd, I am just starting out on my journey with Fusion really. I have quickly gone through your free course and really like your teaching style, always clear and concise with good practical follow along etc. Looking forward to this and thank you so much for all your efforts!

  9. Nick Reed

    Hi, another noob from the UK. Been comping scenes for about 3 weeks using Hawaiki keyer in FCPX as I was getting better results than with deltakeyer, so looking forward to learning more about the fundamental principles, not using deltakeyer and hopefully being able to stick inside Resolve and Fusion in the future. Also, we shot all the current stuff locked off and looking forward to stepping up and moving the camera and tracking the BG.

  10. Gareth Edwards

    Hello from Wales,

    I’m Gareth and I’m working on VFX for a short film.
    Hopefully this is the course I need.
    I have done some VFX in Apple Motion 5 before.
    I also use Blender and Resolve.

  11. Billy Payn

    Hello Bernd – I have enjoyed quite a few of your utube tutorials and now am looking forward to learning more in depth with this course.
    I live in London and am staying for a few months in Portugal.

  12. Siva Chaitanya Varma Konduru

    Hello Bernd,

    I am basically from India, living in Toronto, Canada now.

    Looking forward to get as much as I can from this course.


  13. Denis Jochem

    Hi Bernd from France,

    I follow you on youtube since a few weeks and I’ve already made some progress with your tutorials.
    I’m sure to become more efficient with this course because of your sens of detail. So thanks !

  14. Rudolf Weilenmann

    Hello from Switzerland – I found this course about your Youtube Channel. I like to watch those Tutorials an learned already many things. In these times when live events are rare I had to change more to online / streaming an now try to develop my skills in Resolve (I use many Blackmagic Products from cameras to switcher since a decade in live Situations). Looking forward to this new experience. Cheers to all – Rudolf

  15. karen boyle-anastasio

    Hi Bernd — from Los Angeles!
    I’m back after taking your free course and very much looking forward to this course. Wanted to support you!

    hi to all — karen

    • Bernd

      Interesting, after compression and normalization… I guess thanks to the YouTube loudness wars everything needs to be in the Red zone just short of clipping these days… But I hope you can do the 10-20% on your end. I’ll pay attention to it with the next uploads.

  16. Victor Costache

    Hello Bernd and everyone,

    Greetings from Romania. I wish I knew about this course a few months ago in order to save time in learning chroma keying and other Fusion related techniques. Although I am now familiar with Delta Keyer, Clean Plate etc., I am quite sure there is still room for improvement and will learn new things from your course. Besides that, there are other topics that I am currently interested in, like compositing, camera tracking, 2D – 3D scene integration, your course addressing all these.

    I will get back to you with my impressions after I will have finished the lessons.

    Kind regards,

  17. Scottzobar

    hello everyone, I’m super excited to be here. Fusion seems a bit scary but I’m willing to learn. I’m from St. Vincent and the Grenadines ( Caribbean )

  18. Periklis

    Greetings, after an intense Nuke 12 course and practice last year I am looking into switching to Fusion (in Resolve 16 for now). This seems like the right course for this.

  19. Storyfirst Films

    Hello all. This is Alan Sarkissian from Sydney.

    I am an experienced marketer-come videographer. Studied storytelling and now grasping and adding advanced motion graphics features to really involve my audiences into the story.

    Especially like 2d images into 3d set expansions and now, VR experiences that are evolving in DaVinci Resolve.

    Please feel free to reach out And well, chat! Cheers.
    [email protected]

  20. Evond Blake

    I’m looking forward to this course. I’m a Digital artist with Motion graphics and animation pipeline experience using After Effects mostly. I need to get up to speed with node based compositing and since I’m already very deep into Davinci Resolve, Fusion is the natural weapon of choice to learn.

  21. Ambrozie Pura

    Greetings from a Romanian living in Norway.
    As many here, I’m also coming from quite a few years of using only After Effects for my editing and somewhat limited compositing :D. Looking forward to taking it to the next level!

  22. Shahriar Tanvir

    Hello Bernd,

    I finished your fusion VFX course. I can navigate around pretty well now. But, my composition looks unnatural. I believe this will strongly help me regarding this; so far your courses and youtube channel helped me a lot.

    I am from Bangladesh. Currently living and studying near cologne. Probably I can share a beer with you someday if you are here. 😀

    Your courses are super good and not expensive at all for the students like me who are just starting their journey.

    Thank you!

  23. Simon Tytherleigh

    Hello, I am a stop motion animator in the UK. I am looking forward to this course giving me a thorough insight into keying, rig removal and compositing effects. I got pretty good at using AE, especially using things like nesting and pre-comping which don’t appear to have equivalents in Fusion, so there are a lot of things I want to learn about. I have decided to make the change to DR partly because I like the single purchase model but also because it seems like a one stop shop for stop motion.

    • Bernd

      Welcome! Yes, you don’t need all that “precomping” because you can do it directly in your 2d flowgraph. If you need to prepare some effect you do it in one part of the node graph and then connect it to the other. You can still group nodes together (ctrl+g) if you want to organize things together.

  24. We are VR MUSIC

    Happy New Year! Hello, I’m from Duesseldorf Germany. I make VR180 videos and look forward to the course. I would like to install 3D VfX in the future, which look better and can be better embedded after the course

  25. Miguel Angel Sainz de Aja

    Hello from Spain.

    I followed the Basic course and I decided to make this course because it seems very interesting.

    Are you planning to include some lessons for the new features in DR18?

    Miguel Ángel

  26. Salvatore Gerardi

    Hello from Italy everyone!
    I am very excited to be part of this course!

    After some 3D and vfx background with Houdini, Nuke, and Fusion for a while now, I am trying to switch to a Blender-Fusion workflow.
    I look forward to learn more and more from Bernd, which I warmly thank a lot for all the great content he is been generously sharing on YouTube with passion and professionalism over the past years.
    And, of course, I cannot wait to possibly see some great results published by all of you coursemates in the future! 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  27. Cameron Keys

    Your teaching style is precise. I’ve already learned a great deal from your generously posted free videos, your advanced keying course especially. Great respect. Glad to be on board, Bernd. Really appreciate the option to download these videos for work off-line. You’re a real resource for this independent filmmaker.

  28. Corné Gildenhuys


    I’m from South Africa but currently in Australia. I like your teaching style, definitely pushed me to get this course after doing the free one. Looking forward to an indepth look.

  29. Greg Robson-Garth

    Hi Bernd

    About to start the course. Now that I have returned from our European holiday and recently retired, I will have more time; although I seem to be busier than when I was working as a full-time SAP Basis consultant. I have been using daV R for about 2 years now mainly for editing videos, helping my wife with presentations (she’s still working – I’m a kept man) and my daughter’s school where she is a teacher. Also done a little fusion. Looking forward to your course !


    Hello from Mexico to all!
    I´m look forward to continue my learning proces, I thank a lot for all the great content bernd is been generously sharing on YouTube with clarity, I’m so excited to have the opportunity to learn from this course!

  31. Andy Kirshner

    Hi Bernd,
    Greetings from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’m a filmmaker making the transition from Premiere/After Effects to Resolve/Fusion. (Too many nested comps in AE were driving me crazy!) I found some of your tutorials on the internet and found them very helpful. Looking forward to starting the course.


  32. Georg J. Kleinegees

    Hallo Bernd,
    ich freue mich sehr auf deinen Kurs. Bisher habe ich die Entscheidung After Effects zu verlassen nicht bereut und deine YouTube-Tutorials sind bei dem Übergang eine große Hilfe.

    Lieben Gruß

  33. Titus Powell

    Hi Bernd! Looking forward to doing the course. I’m from England but taking a year to travel SE Asia -> Middle East -> South America, and currently in Colombia.

  34. Teresa Blake

    Hi from Melbourne Australia,
    Excited to get to work on this course after finishing the beginner course. I’m learning a lot from Bernd and from reading the comments section!

  35. Andrzej Broda

    Hello from Poland.
    I saw your tutorials on YouTube and finished the Fusion course for beginners. I made some animations in Fusion but want to dive in deeper than before.
    Looking forward to your presentatations.

    • Bernd

      Yes, very much so. Luckily the basics of compositing don’t change with every version or subversion. There are a few new tools like Magic Mask and now recently in 18.6 the color space transforms made available in the Fusion page. But those things are additions and not something that changes in principle what we do in the course.

  36. Joe D'Augustine

    Joe D from L.A. I am excited to start the course and up my Compositing game. I am a filmmaker and will be using what I learn on the films I make. I have taken several training courses online with Bernd and have learned a lot from him. Anyway I’m glad to be here.

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