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  1. Gaines Johnson

    Hi Bernd,
    One of the key reasons I signed up for this course is because I need to learn how to do tracked rotoscoping of complex moving forms so I can extract them from an existing video and composite them into another setting. In addition, I perceive that this course is the structured learning environment (and the necessary topics) that I need to immerse myself into in order to accomplish my filmmaking visions. Thanks for pre-release and price break. Happy New Year – Gaines

  2. Marlo Shemere

    This is the training course I have been waiting for.
    Thank you for putting this together.
    Looking forward to learning and taking my skills to the next level.

  3. Sue Rarick

    Being from Nashville and not being able to tour anymore. I’ve decided to get way more serious about helping other artists make their videos cooler.
    BTW Is that a German or Dutch accent. Hubby is Dutch.

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