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  1. pemu1958

    Hello Bernd, Greetings from Munich. If this course is available in German is it possible to watch the course in German.

    In between looking forward to the course.

    • Bernd

      Yes, but I’m finalizing it with a German partner firm, so it won’t be here on the site. Reason is that I don’t want to start another German YouTube tutorial, Website, marketing etc. but instead focus on my English content and let the German training partner who already has a German audience promote it. If you are on the list here: https://vfxstudy.com/fuvfx_de/ then I’ll email you when the German version is ready, aiming for end of February.

  2. Michael Packer

    Hi Mike from New Zealand…
    Your course content is excellent.
    I have a problem as I am still in recovery on bed rest from a significant medical operation for the next 6 weeks@@!!
    This is an ideal situation for using that time for upskilling my skills I have discovered..but I need a large tv screen to see the finer details..
    The problem is my need to see if it is possible to put your courses up on a link via Google Chromecast as I am limited to using only my Samsung Note phone..
    Thanks for any consideration..

    • Bernd

      Well don’t see why not – it’s an embedded vimeo player, I think chromecast should be able to stream that? You can also download the videos and load them on whatever device you use. Whishing a good recovery!

  3. Elijah J

    Hi Bernd. Elijah from London here, recently completed the beginner course now very much looking forward to getting into this one. Looks very exciting!

  4. Mohammad Hossain

    Iโ€™m from Dhaka, Bangladesh but currently living in Sydney, Australia. Thanks a lot Bernd for creating the free course. You made me fall in love with Fusion! Cant wait to learn some awesome stuff from this course.

  5. Tomislav ล uto

    You are a Fusion Expert, Bernd. Even though I have learned a lot in Fusion already, I believe I’m going to finish and polish my basics here. Then after, off to that 30 hour course ๐Ÿ˜€

    Greetings from Croatia

  6. RPinon

    Greetings from California (Anaheim – Home to Disneyland for those that care)! Your Resolve course gave me confidence and knowledge to use that software in lieu of Premiere Pro. Hoping this course will help me to transition from After Effects.
    Thank you, Bernd.

    • Bernd

      Yes, all the best for the next transition! Don’t expect a 1 to 1 correlation of everything – like “this feature/button is in AE where is the same in Fusion” but overall Fusion is very capable and can compete in most areas and the node based approach can have advantages.

  7. Techno VFX

    Hello Bernd! This is Abhay Sharma from India. I currently work as a Salesforce consultant at Deloitte USI, but my true passion has always been video editing. Your videos have been a tremendous source of inspiration for me. After watching them, I’ve decided to dive into learning Resolve and Blender for 3D environments, with the goal of using these skills for freelancing.
    I must say, you are the best teacher I’ve ever come across. Your ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and comprehensive manner is unparalleled. There’s so much I want to express, but let’s begin this exciting journey with your course. Thank you once again for creating such a valuable resource for beginners like me!

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