Lesson 6: Replacing a Sky

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01:31Understanding the Resolution of a Fusion Clip
08:401st Composite with the Apply Mode
11:08Luma Keyer
14:27Filling Holes in a Matte with Erode and Dilate
19:23The Tracker Modifier
22:47Fixing interrupted Tracks
27:24Blending the Effect with the Original
30:14Introduction to the Exercise
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  1. The man’s forehead is problematic (e.g.: 01:00:08:08). The solution is, I create a mask on the head to solve the thing or any other way is better for solve this problem? Bernd, what is your idea, how you think solve this?

    • Yeah, some spots from the really bright highlights are not perfectly solved with this – I think also in the solution from BMD. But I felt that after the screen-blend compositing it didn’t really show. However if it does – maybe I’m wrong – then yes, rotoscoping might be needed. Those erode/dilate mask manipulations can help but they don’t always solve everything. There’s more rotoscoping on the greenscreen keying examples.

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