Lesson 14: Transitions with Anim Curves Modifier

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04:523D Scene and Image Aspect Ratio
06:26Sensor and Gate Fit of CG Camera
14:21Anim Curves Parameter Basic
18:27Anim Curves with Custom Curve
22:09Adding Depth of Field

I released part of this lesson on YouTube where I added a few other examples for inspiration in the intro. Check out the first few seconds of this video.

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  1. Sebastian Katzer

    When I create a new macro (a transition) and add it in the edit page, it will only overlay on one clip (the right clip) but not as a transition between two clips. What could have gone wrong here?

    • Bernd

      You are in v17 and put it into the transition folder within the template Folder? In the edit you need to make sure you have clip handles to both sides so there is space for the transition. But if there is space for a transition, but this one is not working, I’m wondering if either something went wrong with saving it or if the Macro is somehow missing an input or a second MediaIN?

      • dmaxontour

        I’m getting a similar thing.
        In my original build I transition from shot 1 to shot 2. All good.
        With my saved Macro, I should be going from shot 2 to shot 1, but as soon as the transition hits, I am going from shot 1 to shot 2 again. It’s like the inputs are built in from the saved original but I made sure not to select them when I saved my macro. I removed teh z parameter but the same thing happens.
        I’m working in Resolve 17.1.1

        • Bernd

          Hmm, seems like background and foreground is getting mixed up. I think you can also try to include the mediaIn 1/2 and if it happens again switch the two nodes in the macro? I think that should work but I might have to experiment again whith this some time…

        • Claudinchenchen .

          I have the same or similar problem, foreground and background of the MediaIn nodes seem to be reversed. In Fusion everything is still laid out correctly, but in the newly created transition in the Edit Page it is the other way round. Before creating the macro, you should change the foreground and background of the Merge3D node. Then the transition in the edit page should work correctly.

    • Bernd

      By default the anim curves sends back an ouput between 0 and 1. E.g. if you animate a transition with the default settings, you could use the Anim Curves on a blend parameter so that it blends between 0 and 1. But sometimes you want the output to have other values. E.g., between 0 and 2 or between -4 and 10 or whatever. With Scale and Offset you can do that.

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