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  1. Klapaucius


    I played around with the “paste attributes” function, something I have used frequently in Premiere.

    I put an emboss effect on a clip and then a mirror effect as well (just to try things out). When I tried to paste it to another clip, I noticed the effects were not showing up in the list of effects in “video attributes.” I discovered I could check the “plugins” box, which is fine if I want to paste all the effects from the previous clip, but if I have multiple effects on another clip and I only want to apply a certain selection of them, it seems I cannot do so.

    Is there a workaround for this?

    • Bernd

      Some of the video effects from the inspector have their own “Video Attributes” inside the Paste Attribute menu. Like Zoom, Flip, etc. So you can enable these selectively.

      For Fusion Effects you have the Fusion Effects checkbox and for OFX plugins the Plugins checkbox. This will indeed copy all plugins and you would have to delete the effects that you don’t need again. If you are working in Fusion or in the Color page, you have the option to copy individual nodes, so you have a bit more detailed options then. In the edit, I suppose it’s not that typical to have countless effects on the same clip, so they simplified it a bit.

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