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This 2 Part step by step tutorial is suitable for absolute beginners, even if you have never touched Fusion before in your life. I am creating a very simple sky replacement, only using the merge node and then animate the new clouds using the corner positioner. In the second part, I am adding a title to the picture, animate it and mask out a foreground object, so that the title moves through the background.

It is possible to do much more with the same picture, but this is just meant to be a super slim composite to get you started in Blackmagic Fusion.

This quick start tutorial is taken from the beginning of my full training course: Blackmagic Fusion: Your Journey from Beginner to Expert.

This is a 2 Part Tutorial:

  • Part 1 Sky replacement with animated clouds
  • Part 2 Text animation with a simple mask

Blackmagic Fusion 9 - Your Journey from Novice to Expert

Create stunning visual effects, photo-realistic composites, and 3D motion graphics using Blackmagic Fusion 9.

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