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Replace a boring sky, add that mountain into the flat landscape, or put a giant crater right next to the actor? It’s all possible with set extensions in DaVinci Resolve or Fusion Studio.

The complexity of the task varies depending on the shot. If the camera is moving, you need to do match moving or even camera tracking and build a full 3D scene. If you have actors moving in front of the set extension you may need to rotoscope.

In this tutorial, the camera remains on a tripod and there is enough space around the actor. Keeping it simple allows you to focus on integrating the new elements in the best possible way.

Color correction for matching black and white levels is the basis. In this tutorial, we even need to match green grass and use Fusion’s Hue curves for that.

Next, think about the sharpness of the foreground and background elements. A slight blur may be all you need to match your extension.

Atmospheric effects are very important and can help glue elements together. In this example, we can use the FastNoise tool to create a simple fog layer.

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