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Thanos snaps his fingers… and we have a new Fusion Particle tutorial!

You can create the famous disintegration effect from Avengers: Infinity War entirely with the free version of Fusion inside DaVinci Resolve or with Fusion Studio. No additional software or plugins required.

To create the effect, you need a clean plate, create a few roto shapes, a particle system that renders into 3D space and a few 3D tools to bring everything together. In the Tutorial, you will start with a basic version that has all the elements. Then you will see the different options to polish the shot. Improve the blending between original and clean plate, add color manipulations and textures, create multiple layers in 3D with time delay and more.

Towards the end of the tutorial, I share a few tips and lessons learned that may help you with your own Fusion particle projects.

Blackmagic Fusion 9 - Your Journey from Novice to Expert

Create stunning visual effects, photo-realistic composites, and 3D motion graphics using Blackmagic Fusion 9.

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